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AFMWorkshop customers range from researchers and engineers at high-profile institutions, to educators in high schools and community colleges. AFMWorkshop atomic force microscopes have a modular and open design, simplifying education and training as well as allowing adjustments tailored to specific research.

AFMWorkshop Customers

Customers who have purchased Atomic Force Microscopes from AFMWorkshop include Nanotechnology Researchers, Educators, Process Development/Process Control Engineers, and Instrument Innovators. AFMWorkshop is in its fifth year of operations and already our instruments are in laboratories around the world.  A rapidly growing list of research publications citing AFMs from AFMWorkshop can be reviewed by clicking here.  Some of the institutions using AFMWorkshop atomic force microscopes include:

UC Berkeley Mass Institute of Technology
Virginia Tech Stanford University
 imperial cllg pm seagate pm 
Andrews University Auburn
Boehringer Lngelheim Concord University
Cradle Singapore Albright College
 uofmemphis pm University of California - Irvine 
usforestsvc pm  univsc pm 
dimaxx pm Calumet pm
Montana State University Angelo State pm 
UC San Diego UC San Diego
University Greenwich Illinois
University of Michigan Lexogen
Charleston pm   loyola md pm
Lawrence Technological pm Southwest Research Institute pm
 uaa pm Rensselaer pm 
pashawar University of Idaho
Universidade De Lisboa National Institutes of Health
uporto Kent State University
Columbia University The University of Utah
Instituto de Biotechnologia
Indian Institute of Science Cust - S E MO
Morgan JHT Instruments
Florida International University
Geistlich Pharma
Nebraska Lincoln
Hochschule Deggendorf Texas State Technical College
Trevecca Nazarene University Technische University Ilmenau
FHWS University Of North Texas
Texas A & M University UTDallas
Bar Ilan_University Deggendorf
Goethe Universitat Gonzaga
Howard LMU
MA3 Merchant_Marines
PTB Simon_Fraser
Stuttgart Univ Arizona
Univ NE Univ RI
uottawa hor black pm IIT Kanpur
IPN Naval
science-center Kirtland
Ciste Alabama
Wilkes tulane



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