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Atomic Force Microscopes Testimonials & Recommendations

Atomic Force Microscopes from AFMWorkshop come highly recommended by a diverse array of scientists, educators, and engineers. Excellent training and transparent pricing complement AFMWorkshop's robust instrumentation.

AFMWorkshop has a growing list of over 250 customers from research and educational institutions all over the world. Reliability, consistency, and high-value are just some of the reasons why customers continue to choose AFMWorkshop for their research application needs.

Qin Lu, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Bioanalytical Chemistry Section, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

“We have some high range AFM instruments in the lab but they are shared. The price of the TT AFM fit my budget and enabled me to have my own, private instrument. I use the AFM to characterize lipid membranes. It's really convenient now to have my own instrument every time I synthesize a new batch of lipid tubes. I had never run an AFM before I purchased this one, but I realized I could afford to buy one – and quickly – and the resolution would be suitable for my projects.

Something I really liked about AFM Workshop was the ability to go to the assembly workshop. We put the AFM together ourselves, step by step, and also learned how to fix it, so you are not fearful of messing things up.

I personally met Dr. West and the staff at the Workshop. I feel comfortable calling them anytime, or sending my images, and they give me detailed instructions about how to improve them. I'm thinking of attending the Applications Workshop next.

I definitely would recommend this AFM to a research lab, and to students – let them play with it!”


Aryeh Weiss, Ph.D., Faculty of Engineering, Bar Ilan University and member of the Nano Medicine Center at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA)

"The primary goal of the AFM is educational use. Most of my students are in an Electrical and Computer Engineering Program, and the Advanced Bioengineering Lab we’re teaching is designed to expose them to state-of-the-art technology, measurement methodology, and how to work in the lab. The AFM is a nice example of interesting new technology which our students are now successfully using.

The open architecture part of the TT AFM really appealed to me, and I particularly enjoyed the TT AFM Kit Assembly Workshop, where I could build the instrument myself. When I started this adventure I didn’t have any hands-on experience with AFM: I understood the principle but didn’t have any experience. So I was jumping into the water, and I managed to swim and not drown. I’m very happy with the choice."


Gary Harris, Ph.D., Professor, Electrical Engineering & Materials Science, and Director, Materials Science Research Center of Excellence, Howard University

“We use the TT AFM primarily as an educational tool in our mobile lab. It’s a 48-foot trailer that goes up and down the East Coast to give kids a real hands-on experience in the nanotechnology arena. We have a number of fairly sophisticated pieces of equipment onboard and 150 desktop experiments we can set up on the table outside. Our goal is to bring nanotechnology in particular to students; real applications on instruments that typically no High School can afford. Over the years we’ve averaged just over 10,0000 visitors to the lab annually. While it is a 'K to Grey' opportunity, our focus is on turning kids onto science because we believe this represents the future.

"We have other AFMs, but this (TT AFM) is good one, especially for beginners and to expose people who are new to the field. I think it’s a pretty neat piece of equipment, We’re pretty happy with it. It’s fairly easy to operate and can create some really good scans for us."


William “Bill” Dipippo, Mechanical Engineer, Holographix LLC

"We pattern binary gratings on surfaces for optics, and need to measure and characterize them. We were looking for a low cost AFM, but wondered, ‘Why is this so much cheaper than anything else? Are we going to run into problems?’ We were a little wary, but we went ahead with it, and so far, so good. We're using the TT AFM to get accurate gratings. This is the lowest cost AFM that still gives us the results and measurement accuracy we need. It’s been really good as far as a metrology tool."


Yuankun Lin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, University of North Texas; Member of the Bio/Nano Photonics Cluster

“I’m the single user of the equipment, so I was looking for an AFM that can do the necessary work for my research, but save my money too. This product is perfect. It can do everything an expensive AFM can do. Not only is it cheaper, but if you want to use it to teach, you can touch it, teach people how to open it, how things work. It’s perfect for education.”


Hiroshi Yokoyama, Ph.D., Professor of Chemical Physics, Ohio Research Scholar, and Director, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

“I was looking for an affordable AFM and initially I was skeptical about the performance and design. But as I looked into the details I was convinced AFMWorkshop was the right vendor. Now we have five sets of AFMs and a technical training course for under graduate and graduate students on campus. It’s quite unique, and the number of students participating is increasing. If we continue to see the number of students grow, we will increase the number of AFMs, and I’m sure AFMWorkshop is the vendor who can meet that requirement.”


Matt Ruppel, Graduate Student, Prather Research Group, University of California San Diego

“We are studying atmospheric aerosol particles and analyzing their physical and morphological properties and needed a good solid system that had the capability to answer a lot of questions and get us going. The TT AFM instrument matched well. It was designed so it would be affordable; without a lot of the extraneous features some other systems charge you extra for. It’s a great little instrument and has everything we need. And the workshop was a great opportunity to learn a lot more, above and beyond just reading a manual.”


Brendan Cross, Instructor of Physics, Andrews University

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with microscopes that cost ten times the price of the TT AFM. After using both machines, I’m very happy with what we have. The machine you offer has what we need. It works – the bells and whistles aren't necessary. The workshop was a good experience: learning and understanding the mechanical process, and putting the machine together yourself is great.”


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