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TT-2 Atomic Force Microscope Stage

Includes a stepper-motor-driven Z stage, LL-AFM force sensor, and precision X-Y stage. The stage does not include a piezo scanner or video optical microscope. Electrical connections are made at the back of the stage with a 60-pin ribbon cable connector.

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Model: MS-3230

The TT-2 AFM stage has the excellent thermal and mechanical stability required for high-resolution AFM scanning. Additionally, its open design facilitates user modification. This stage is designed to work with the AFMWorkshop Control Station including an Ebox and AFMControl software.

Download TT-2 AFM Stage Datasheet


Features and Benefits of the TT-2 AFM Stage include

TT-2 AFM Stage

Rigid Frame Design

The crossed beam design for the stage support is extremely rigid so the AFM is less susceptible to external vibrations.

Light Lever AFM Force Sensor

Light lever force sensors are used in almost all atomic force microscopes and permit many types of experiments.

Integrated Probe Holder/Probe Exchanger

Probe Exchange is made quick and easy with AFMWorkshop's unique probe holder and clipping mechanism.

Direct Drive Z stage

A fast probe approach is possible because probe/sample angle alignment is not required. A linear motion stage is used to move the probe in a perpendicular motion to the sample.

Small Footprint

Requires little space and fit easily on a tabletop with stage dimensions of 7.5 x 12".

Precision XY Stage with Micrometer

The sample can be moved without touch. The sample is moved relative to the probe with a precision XY micrometer stage.

Modes Electric Plug

Capabilities of the TT-2 AFM are dramatically expanded via a six pole electrical plug at the back of the stage

Laser/Detector Alignment

Laser/detector alignment is simplified via a direct view to both the light lever laser and the photo detector adjustment mechanism.

Video Optical Microscope

A high resolution video optical microscope is used for locating features on a surface, aligning the light lever force sensor, and facilitating probe approach. The video optical microscope includes an XY micrometer stage for moving the video microscope relative to the AFM probe. 

Included with the Product

  • TT-AFM Stage
  • Video Optical Microscope
  • 60 pin ribbon cable
  • USB cable
  • TT-2 AFM Manual

Note: This product does not include an XYZ piezoelectric scanner


Light Lever AFM Force Sensor

Type Magnet
Probe Types Industry standard
Probe Insertion Manual – probe exchange tool
Probe Holding Mechanism Clip
Vibrating mode piezo
Electrical connector to probe
Laser/Detector Adjustment Range +/- 1.5 mm
Adjustment resolution 1 µm
Minimum Probe to Objective 25 mm
Laser Type 670 nm diode,              < 5 mw

Video Microscope

Minimum Zoom
Maximum Zoom
Field of view
2 x 2 mm
300 x 300 µm
20 µm
2 µm
Working Distance
114 mm
114 mm


Type 4 quadrant
Band Width > 500 kHz
Signals Transmitted TL, BL, TR, BR
Gain Lo, High Settings
Probe sample angle 10°

XY Translator

Range 25.4 mm
Resolution 2 µm
Type Bearing - spring loaded
Lock Down Yes

Z Motion

Type Direct Drive
Range 25 mm
Drive Type Stepper Motor
Min. Step Size 330 nm
Slew Rate 8 mm/minute
Limit Switch Top, Bottom
Control Software – rate, step size

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