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Image Logger for TT-2 AFM

The Image Logger for the TT-2 AFM features the ability to view forward and reverse images for six channels, display real time oscilloscope-data logger for 6 channels and visualize the spectrum of the 6 data channels.

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Model: IL-3478

Image Logger Features

  • View forward and reverse images for six channels
  • Display real time oscilloscope-data logger for 6 channels
  • Visualize the spectrum of the 6 data channels

A great advantage of an atomic force microscope is that it can capture several types of images. Each type of image reveals critical information about the surface topography or physical parameters.

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It is possible to display up to six channels from the Z feedback control loop in an atomic force microscope. These include:

  1. Z Error
  2. Z Drive (topography)
  3. Z Sensor
  4. PhaseL-R (friction)
  5. Amplitude

Additionally these channels may be displayed in the forward and reverse scan directions. With the data logger it is possible to display all six channels of data in the forward and reverse direction. This capability allow real time visualization of all channels.

AFM Image Logger System




» Number 8
» Bits 16


» Labview

Signals Captured:

» Z Drive
» Z Sensor
» Z Error
» L-R
» Z Amplitude
» Z Phase

Setup Functions:

» PC Type (i3 or Greater)
» 23" Monitor
» Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


Image Logger

Image Logger

The image logger simultaneously displays six image channels in forward and reverse directions. During scanning, the palettes and the histogram can be updated. Once a scan is completed, all six images can be saved.


Image Logger Realtime Oscilloscope

Real Time Oscilloscope

Software for Focus Assist is integrated with the AFMControl software used on the TT-2 AFM. Using the software is easy. Simply focus the optical microscope on the probe, and then on the sample. Once this registration is completed, you can use the software to move directly to the sample, to the probe, or you can even have the optic follow the probe during probe approach.


Image Logger Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer

The spectrum of one input data channels can be displayed. Several types of windows and averaging algorithms may be applied to the incoming data stream. Identifying sources of unwanted vibrations
is possible with the spectrum analyzer function.


Image Logger Block Diagram

Block Diagram illustrating AFM system with Image Logger Option.












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