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Custom Microscopes

Custom Microscopes

AFMWorkshop routinely works with customers to create custom instrumentation. Once completed these instruments may be purchased by customers with similar requirements.

Price Range*
$30,000.00 -
* Prices vary depending on options purchased, importation taxes, and installation - training fees.

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  1. 1. Frontal Access AFM

  2. 2. Resonance Cell

  3. 3. Vacuum AFM

  4. 4. Motorized Stages


1. Frontal Access AFM

A front access AFM (FALL AFM) is necessary to access a sample with one two external probes and as well as an AFM probe. Below are two examples of the FALL AFM being used for studying cardiomyocytes. At the left two carbon fiber probes are used to stretch a cardiomyocyte while an AFM probe is used to measure the stiffness of the cell. At the right a patch-clamp probe is attached to the cardiomyocyte cell while AFM measurements are made.

Frontal Access AFMUp to two independent probes can access the sample in the FALL AFM.
Frontal Access AFMLeft - Two carbon fiber probes stretch the cardiomyocyte.
Right - A patch clamp is attached to the cell during AFM measurements.


In the FALL AFM the laser, probe and photodetector are rotated 90 degrees from the traditional AFM.


Frontal Access AFM
Frontal Access AFM
Detailed view of the probe area. There is space on both the left and right of the AFM probe for additional types of specimen probes.



Frontal Access AFM

This is a view of the FALL LS AFM when fully operational. Two carbon fibers are inserted into the sample, and the sample is maintained under physiological conditions.


2. Resonance Cell

The resonant properties of a cantilever can change if the cantilever undergoes a change in mass because of the absorption of molecules on its surface. To make this type of measurement an AFM-type apparatus is used. The resonance cell unit is an AFM without an XYZ scanner, or a Z approach motor, which uses a closed liquid cell.

Resonance Cell StageResonance Cell
SoftwareResonance Cell
The resonance cell includes a light lever force sensor, environmental cell, video optical microscope and control station.
The resonance cell software includes the controls necessary for aligning the laser and photodetector. Also, the resonance frequency limits and scan resolution are selected. The resonance and phase change are displayed in the same window. Resonance curves are saved after acquisition.



Environmental cell
Top View

Environmental cell


3. Vacuum AFM

It is often advantageous to make AFM measurements in a vacuum. The V AFM is designed to operate in a High Vacuum, or Ultra high Vacuum. Depending on customer requirements, the unit can be purchased with automated adjusters on the laser, photo-detector, and XY stage.

Vacuum AFM

4. Motorized Stages

Motorized stages of almost any size may be added to AFMWorkshop products. This includes the TT, NP, SA, and LS AFMs. The range and resolution of the translator is selected based on the specific customer requirement.

TT-2 AFM with 30 cm ✕ 30 cm XY motorized stage.

Motorized Stages

Custom control software for the stage can be created for simply translating the stage in the XY axis or for automatically making measurements at several locations.


Our Guarantee

AFMWorkshop provides a 100% money back guarantee. If our AFM's can't run your application, we will refund the full price*.

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Our Warranty

AFMWorkshop stands behind its products. We offer a two year return to factory warranty with every AFM we offer.



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