AFM Workshop

Atomic force microscope webinars are pre-recorded video sessions with our AFM Experts, covering a range of topics from image processing and sample preparation to advantages and disadvantages of AFM. Learn how to gain the best performance from your atomic force microscope with instructional videos on the best operating practices and techniques of AFM

Atomic Force Microscopy Webinars

How to Gain the Best Performance from Your AFM


AFM Image Processing

23 Minutes

Getting the most from your AFM requires effective utilization of image processing software. This video recording of a live-streaming seminar covers how to level images, display images, and analyze images with AFM image processing software. The demonstration will utilize Gwyddion's open source software.




AFM Sample Preparation

With Peter Eaton Ph.D., 21 Minutes

Proper sample preparation is perhaps the most important element in successful atomic force microscopy imaging. Techniques for successful sample preparation in life sciences, material sciences, and other applications are covered in this video recording from a livestreaming seminar.




Artifacts in AFM Images

24 Minutes

An inability to detect artifacts vs. actual sample material can undermine the validity of your research. This AFM video seminar reviews the most common artifact issues and their sources.




AFM Probe Selection

20 Minutes

AFM operators must choose from a wide array of probe types when scanning samples. This video recording from a live streaming AFM seminar covers the probe types that work best for varying types of samples.





AFM Performance Vs. Price

29 Minutes

AFMWorkshop is the only Atomic Force Microscopy company offering a complete product line of AFMs that balance performance with price. This seminar reviews AFMWorkshop's high-value product line and includes a demonstration.




TT-AFM Demonstration

48 Minutes

Livestreaming demonstration of the TT-AFM, a popular and versatile atomic force microscope for researchers, educators, and engineers. This 40 minute demonstration highlights the TT-AFM's wide variety of functions and applications. With a sale price starting at $26,450, the TT-AFM's quality and success in research and business applications is unparalleled within atomic force microscopy.






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