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AFM Services

Atomic Force Microscopy service, maintenance, support; advanced customization and flexible custom engineering of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and all other AFMWorkshop customers.

Customer Support and Technical Service

AFMWorkshop Customer Support & Technical Service is oriented appropriately toward two differing user groups: Industry / Process Development & Process Control; and Research / Education. We understand our Industry users' need for exceptional turn-around time and provide rapid resolution should any problems arise. For researchers and educational users, we know that the actual process of - and involvement in - problem resolution can sometimes be just as important as the resolution itself.

Custom Engineering of Atomic Force Microscopes

AFMWorkshop's open architecture allows the ultimate in flexibility and customization. We will work with you to make your instrumentation and application ideas a reality. 

Instrumentation from the AFMWorkshop has an open design that allows customization of the products by its users.

Atomic Force Microscopes for OEMs

AFMWorkshop actively partners with OEMs. If your company needs an Atomic Force Microscope for a product and requires an AFM platform, we will work with you in customizing our instrumentation to your product requirements. Discounts on AFM instrumentation are available for volume purchases.

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