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AFMWorkshop history, Mission, customers testimonials

AFMWorkshop is leading Atomic force microscopes manufacturing company in the USA and at the global market. Learn more about the history and mission of AFMWorkshop, customers testimonials, guarantees and other corporate information.

Atomic Force Microscopy News

AFMWorkshop Newsletter

Atomic Force Microscopy News from AFMWorkshop. Stay up to date with AFMWorkshop and the industry, including tips on how to create the best AFM scans, customer success stories, new products, advancements in the industry, and special deals. AFMWorkshop presents a monthly newsletter as well as new content on social media.

Atomic Force Microscopy Learning

AFM Learning Center

AFMWorkshop designed these free Atomic Force Microscopy animated tutorials to help students and professionals learn AFM Technology and how an Atomic Force Microscope works. We offer multiple AFM courses and AFM training opportunities: from building your own Atomic Force Microscope to learning advanced techniques and applications.

Atomic Force Microscopy Services

AFM Services

Atomic Force Microscopy service, maintenance, support; advanced customization and flexible custom engineering of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and all other AFMWorkshop customers.


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